Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Inspiration Voting Problems

Ok. I screwed up. When I created the poll to vote for the winning inspiration I did not consider several things. I had assumed that a) only members of the club would vote and b) no one would vote more than once. However, I did not state that only members were allowed to vote, or that people could only vote once. The purpose of having inspiration submissions voted on is so that club members can have a say in what colorways are created for them. Since non-members won't be recieving the colorways (in fact, can't even order them yet since the colorways are exclusive to the club). So it doesn't really make sense for non-members to vote. But I didn't make that clear, and thats my fault. Sooo unfortunatley I think we are going to have to have a re-vote. I hope that this hasn't upset anyone or hurt any feelings. I was unclear, and thats my fault. But its not fair to club members if non-members control the outcome of the vote. I am going to do some investigating to find a more secure poll where I can keep better track of who is voting, maybe make it password protected or something (anyone have ideas? I'm open to them!). We are going to have to make the second vote quick because we need to be able to start dyeing soon if we want to get the yarn shipped to you all in a timely manner. 

Again, I'm very sorry for the confusion. 


Rosi G. said...

How did #2 win when #3 had 80 votes and #2 only had 17 the last I checked???? What's THAT about???

Anonymous said...

This is so bogus. I am pulling my membership. Voting was supposed to be over at 7 pm this evening.

Rosi G. said...

i just sent you an email re: all of the votes you're getting from one person. that one person is actually a large group of knitters from ONE firm that uses one IP address. :o)

i personally know that this is what is throwing you off thinking it's one person cheating because, when i entered a design into the Little Knits Trenna contest, the same thing happened. we all weren't allowed to vote because we were using the same IP address. :)

Anonymous said...

Nobody voted 100 times! Before you make accusations - perhaps you should get your facts straight! It doesn't say anywhere that voting is exclusive to members. Closing the polls early is not cool. Are you sure you're not based in Florida?