Thursday, August 28, 2008


If you have joined this club and are allergic to anything commonly found in yarn (i.e. mohair, alpaca, etc) please leave a comment or email Laura at Some of the base yarns that we may use contain different fibers and we don't want to send you something that makes you itchy (or worse). We can easily substitute a skein of yarn that you won't react to, as long as we know in advance. All the yarns will contain wool, so hopefully no one here is allergic to that! :)

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Mama Llama

Hi, my name is Catherine Kerth and I am really excited for Mama Llama to be apart of such an amazing club! I started knitting over 4 years ago, and dyeing 2yrs ago. I work mostly at night after the family goes to sleep so I can concentrate on my work. I am very dedicated to Mama Llama and hope it will grow over the years.

It's exciting to be working with such talented ladies and I look forward to all the inspiration in the next year.

Take Care,

Monday, August 18, 2008

Tactile: A Fiber Arts Studio

Tactile was started by Maia & Brooke out of a love for all things fibery and a desire to work with what we love. Learn more about us here and read our store blog here.

We do all our dyeing with natural dyes, meaning they are all plant or insect derived. Natural dyes are an adventure; like wine they vary from year to year and place to place. Our dyes are organic, sustainably sourced, and fair trade. We currently use 5 sock yarn bases, 3 fingering weight and 2 sport weight. We also dye spinning/felting fiber and other yarns.

We are very excited to be a part of this sock club. It is such a fun idea.

The Unique Sheep

The Unique Sheep was started in 2007 by Laura while she was working at her LYS, Knit Picky. The Unique Sheep quickly spread beyond Knit Picky and in Jan '08 Kelly joined The Unique Sheep as Laura's partner. Before joining The Unique Sheep, Kelly sold a line of hand painted yarns under the name Liisu Yarns. Laura and Kelly are now both working at The Unique Sheep full time to bring you new colors, exciting yarn clubs and an ever growing collection of patterns. You can track them down on Ravelry as Painty (Laura) and TheUniqueSheep (Kelly). A little bit more about our "philosophy" can be found here.

Saturday, August 16, 2008


I'm Tyler Macek of Macek Desgins. I started to knit about 5 years ago, and things have gone from there. I am an indie dyer and spinner who loves to play with color. I am the only one in my business who does the dyeing, however I did have to get someone to help me with the orders I'm getting.

I am really excited to be a dyer in this club.

What to expect of my colorways: I love to use multiple shades of colors in the yarns I dye, and I hand-paint the yarns I dye.

I hope you will all enjoy the yarns as much as I will to dye them, and participate in this and work with all of the indie dyers.

Inspiration Submissions

Now that we have people starting to join and think about what they want to submit as "inspiration", its time to post some rules.

1) all art work has to be original. Collages can incorporate images/etc published by others, but you need to have made significant changes to make it your own.

2) we welcome submissions of photographs, paintings, drawings, collages, paper art, digital illustrations, etc. If you have an idea for something not mentioned, just ask. As long as its original and colorful its probably fine.

3) Submissions can be made digitally by emailing or can be mailed to 222 Old Fayetteville Rd, #G207, Carrboro, NC 27510

4) By submitting your artwork, you are giving us the right to publish it on our websites and blogs and use it for future promotion of this club and the colorways that are inspired by it.

Have I missed anything?

Ravelry Group

In our other clubs we have found that Ravelry discussion groups are great for sharing news and chit chat about the club. So, we started a group over on Ravelry-- just search for "Color Co-op" and look for our logo! If you aren't on Ravelry yet, you are missing out! Go join now.