Friday, October 17, 2008

Vote Results

I hope everyone who wanted to has had a chance to vote!  Here are the results:

#1: 6 votes
#2: 13 votes
#3: 4 votes
#4: 4 votes
#5: 5 votes
#6: 1 vote
#7: 3 votes
#8: 2 votes
#9: 6 votes
#10: 3 votes
#11: 3 votes

All the photos submitted were great, and would have made great colorways, but its pretty clear who our winner is. Congratulations Mary Anne!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Inspiration Voting - Take 2

Okay, lets try this again! Voting is only open to club members and each member can only vote once. To vote, please click here. You'll see that you have to enter your name and email address, thats so that we can make sure that only members vote, and no one votes multiple times. So please use the name/email address that you used to sign up for the club (i.e. whatever your paypal account is set up with)!

I'm so sorry for this inconvenience. What do you think would be a fair time to run this second vote. I'm sending out a newsletter now to let all the members know to revote. Can everyone get their vote in by Friday evening? That gives everyone 2 days. 

The photos are in the slideshow below. 

Inspiration Voting Problems

Ok. I screwed up. When I created the poll to vote for the winning inspiration I did not consider several things. I had assumed that a) only members of the club would vote and b) no one would vote more than once. However, I did not state that only members were allowed to vote, or that people could only vote once. The purpose of having inspiration submissions voted on is so that club members can have a say in what colorways are created for them. Since non-members won't be recieving the colorways (in fact, can't even order them yet since the colorways are exclusive to the club). So it doesn't really make sense for non-members to vote. But I didn't make that clear, and thats my fault. Sooo unfortunatley I think we are going to have to have a re-vote. I hope that this hasn't upset anyone or hurt any feelings. I was unclear, and thats my fault. But its not fair to club members if non-members control the outcome of the vote. I am going to do some investigating to find a more secure poll where I can keep better track of who is voting, maybe make it password protected or something (anyone have ideas? I'm open to them!). We are going to have to make the second vote quick because we need to be able to start dyeing soon if we want to get the yarn shipped to you all in a timely manner. 

Again, I'm very sorry for the confusion. 

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Inspiration Slide Show

Please take a minute to look through all the photographs submitted. If you place your pointer over the image the slide show will pause and the name of the photo (Inspiration #1-11) will be shown. One of the photos will be used to inspire the November colorway, so choose carefully! Once you've made up your mind you can vote using the poll on the left. If you can't see the images or have any questions please let us know! You have one week to vote, polls will close at 7pm EST on Oct 15th. 


Welcome to the Color Co-op- A Multi- Dyer Club!

A group of six hand dyers has gathered for this club. For each shipment we will all dye a colorway which is inspired by one piece of artwork that is submitted by club subscribers. These could be photos you have personally have taken, or even artwork you have created like paintings, drawings, or even collages.

Each month we will post 4-5 of these submissions and let subscribers vote on which is to be our inspiration for that shipment. The winner who produces the chosen artwork will get their shipment free that month. (Subscribers would be limited to winning only one time every 6 months)

Members will rotate through the 6 dyers so after 6 shipments you will have recieved one skein from each dyer, then you'll start over

A Multi Dyer Club like this has not been done before—most multi dyer clubs are run by retailers and most other yarn clubs are run by the individual hand dyer alone. We think it will be a lot of fun to see how each of us is inspired by the same piece of art work. I bet all of our colorways will be very different!

The colorways will be exclusive to club members for 6 months. BUT, all club members will have the option of ordering more skeins in any of the 6 colorways that are created for each shipment, since they will only receive one of the six as part of their membership.

As a member, you have the option of receiving yarn OR roving. That can be a hard choice, I know, but don't worry- you can change your mind every month if you'd like!

All the skeins will be 4oz and will come in a variety of base yarns (dyers choice!), but they will all be appropriate for socks. It will mostly be fingering weight, but we might have some sport or dk thrown in for variety.

Roving will be an equivalent amount (at least 4oz, sometimes more) of roving in a variety of fibers and blends. 

Shipments will arrive every other month beginning in November.

Cost - $33 per shipment. First shipment's payment is due when you sign up, after that you will be billed a month prior to each shipment. We hope that you will continue with the club for the full series of 6 shipments (or longer!) but if you need to discontinue your subscription please let us know as soon as possible.
International Customers (Outside of the US & Canada): Please purchase the International memberships which include extra shipping costs of $5 per shipment. Thanks!

Click here to sign up!